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Join the bi-weekly gathering to ponder over paradoxical questions and collectively engage with the unknown. We will build contact and meet each other with honest presence and curiosity. Joyfully and fearlessly experience the ambiguity of the undefined through taking part in various practices and forms of dialogue.

The fun part of these gatherings is the exploration of what is called communitas - the unstructured state in which all members of a community share a common experience. Together we will aim at finding a liminality of a moment - the quality of ambiguity and disorientation that occurs in in-between states. 

The format changes according to the central theme while always maintaining a playful and explorative setting. The range of practices is broad and constantly evolving, but think of exercises in individual and collective awareness through active imagination, embodiment practices, meditation, self- and group inquiry, listening and sensing.


Experiments with practices of different kinds require us to tap into our vulnerability and be open to the possibility of an emotional challenge.

Open for everyone and free to join.

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