To help and discover what is your personal truth is, I provide individual guidance in the form of one-to-one conversations. Solution-oriented or general open-ended trajectories, long or short-term, I am guiding through a process of self-transformation through of emotional balance and personal strength. For those who are looking for an unconventional guidance to restore life energies to align intrinsic motivations and gain comfort with who you truly are. 


My approach ​is intuitive and playful. Amalgamation of philosophical counselling rooted in psychology, sociology, art, cognitive science and other conventional and idiosyncratic disciplines. I practice radical honesty, confrontation, inquiry anti-fragility. I see these methods as wonderful tools to reinforce oneself and build a solid ground for breaking thinking and behavioural patterns, leading to the rediscovery of joy in life and feeling of contentment. I keep my toolbox alive and fluid, constantly working on new ways to tackle the unsettlements of life.


Please use the button below to schedule a meeting. The first meeting is to get to know each other and is free of charge. If we see my approach resonates with you, I will send a detailed proposal for the trajectory we can follow. 


regular price for

1 hour session is 80 euros.


if you would like to work with me but due to various reasons can't afford it, send me a message with motivation and we will find a solution comfortable to both of us.