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insight midwife

To help and discover what is your personal truth is, I provide individual guidance in the form of one-to-one conversations. I help to arrive on insights to support the process of self-transformation. For those who are looking for an unconventional guidance to restore life energies to align intrinsic motivations and gain comfort with who you truly are. 


My approach ​is intuitive and playful. Amalgamation of philosophical counselling rooted in psychology, sociology, art, cognitive science and other conventional and idiosyncratic disciplines. I practice radical honesty, confrontation, inquiry anti-fragility. I see these methods as wonderful tools to reinforce oneself and build a solid ground for breaking thinking and behavioural patterns, leading to the rediscovery of joy in life and feeling of contentment. I keep my toolbox alive and fluid, constantly working on new ways to tackle the unsettlements of life.

I don't charge a fee for the sessions. I feel that this work is too important to create any obstacles or disruptions. I am exploring this as an alternative type of connection unmediated by the noise of material compensation. I do, however, reserve my right to discontinue the dialogue, if I see we are not a good match.

If what I do resonates with you and you would like to support my practice, feel free to contribute to the extent that feels right to you.

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