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This is why you are here. 

The involuntary changes in collective routines became a trigger for personal reshuffling and reorganisation of values. These need to find their own positions in the uncertainly of life, bring in new types of awareness asking for an update of the relevance realisation. While looking for a feeling of aliveness, encountering a desire to find meaning in life, many realised that there is a lack of tools for self-inquiry. The basic general machinery to navigate the complexity of the world is missing.

The almost universal access to information and the surplus of free time opens up an opportunity to dive into the raw complexity of the world we can neither grasp nor catch up with. Simply put, we don’t know how to swim. Yet it is so alluring to belong to something bigger than ourselves and touch the mysterious uncertainty. But as we lack the tools to connect, encountering the complexity leaves us with a feeling of being lost,

alienated, misunderstood, hurt, powerless, unstable, fatigued, fragmented, numb, overexcited, anxious, unsatisfied and unmotivated.

Can you feel that?

What are the preconditions that lead us into this sense-making malaise and meaning-making disability? Where can I find the truth and experience what is real? Why are we trapped in a loop of destructive behaviours? Why are we afraid of contact and our feeling of belonging weakens as we speak? Whose expectations are we fulfilling and who owns our choices? What are we really? Is there free will? How do we manage the pace of change accelerated by technology? But most importantly: where do we start to untangle the knot we are stuck in?

Self-inquiry, transformative practices and conscious un-conditioning are the tools that will teach you how to swim and get to know the real. We can go through it together. To find joy in the inevitability of our collective entanglement you must be strong. Individually and collectively. Internally and externally. All parts are equally important; nothing can be undermined or left behind if you are ready to meet your truth.

There is a growing awareness that we live in times of change and division. These processes contribute to the feeling of disorientation and distortion of reality. I believe that everyone has access to the truth and only a matter of right awareness separates us from its experience.

Lets find it.

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